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The GrAph Based game sOlveR (GABOR) is an open source program for efficiently solving a whole class of board games. These are games that are played by two players occupying squares in alternating turns and can be won by occupying specific patterns. GABOR has been used to solve QANGO in all it's shapes and forms. Here on you can find a fully functional platform for exploring and sharing game solutions that even allows you to create your own new games.


Dinkelhuber is an opening explorer for the game GO/Baduk/Weiqi in the 9x9 Version. It allows for exploration of over 400k games played on OGS, displaying win rates, top games and average player level of any Opening.

Blast from the past

Some of's history is getting revived. Check out these games that I created between 2015 and 2019 with a lot of free time, but terrible coding skills.